Be the Problem

“What did you do today to prevent being sexually assaulted?” Jackson Katz, a social researcher, asked the men in the room that question; they laughed.  Then he asked the women. Image credit: Jennifer Wright The data is telling:  Women live in a very different world than men, and, on balance, already know the preventative measures.  […]

For Want of an Injury

For want of an injury, the solution was lost. For want of a solution, the intent was lost. For want of intent, the initiation was lost. For want of initiation, the target was lost. For want of a target, the body was lost. For want of a body, the mind was lost. For want of […]

Stop! Hammer Time

We don’t sell hammers—we teach hammering. Search the google-sphere for framing hammers, you’ll see everything from a $345 all-titanium super-hammer to the good old fashioned $24 generic California framing hammer. Nothing too dissimilar from the rock our ancestors tied to the top of a stick to help accelerate a hard object into another object to […]