Our Mission

1. To educate people in the facts of violence:

  • The way we are taught by society to think and speak about violence is fundamentally flawed.
  • Violence is a 50/50 proposition: the first person to get it right wins.
  • Anyone can do it, and no one is immune.

2. To foster a training community of like-minded people who want to learn to use violence as a survival tool.

3. To train instructors to pass this essential life skill on to the next generation.

Our Story

We’ve been doing this for a long time under no fewer than five different banners:

1988 – 1992  蔡李何佛雄 功夫散手 / SCARS  Trained to instructor level with Master Jerry L. Peterson; spent two years teaching classes at his school in San Diego.

1992 – 2006  Universal Fighting (Arts)  Taught the information through the recreation department at the University of California, San Diego.  Ran the encyclopedia of movement through ever-finer filters of physics and physiology, teasing out reality from fantasy.  Trained and certified 42 instructors (a three-year program) and nine Masters (a ten-year program).  Adding these brilliant minds to the mix dramatically accelerated the process of refinement.

2002 – 2017  Target Focus Training  After 9/11, we provided the instructor staff and curriculum for what would become TFT.  We trained thousands of people internationally and produced a multitude of training products — books, videos and online programs — during this time.  Trained and certified eight instructors (for 50 total) as well as nine TFT Instructors (a three-year remote training program).

2017 – …  Injury Dynamics  “Living in the dash.”  Back to the work of applying the full curriculum, teaching new people even as we produce new instructors, and continuing the refinement process — something only possible with many minds — to ensure that the information gets handed off to the next generation better, cleaner, sharper than it was when we got it.

While the names, language, and training methodology have changed and evolved over time, one thing remains the same:  the baseline effectiveness of the training — the results our clients have been able to get for themselves.

In the end that’s all that matters.

Drop by to meet the instructors and watch training during any of our regularly scheduled classes!  Contact: admin@injurydynamics.com