Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training schedule in San Diego?

We train three days a week in San Diego:

  • Monday nights from 7-8:30 pm
  • Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 pm
  • Saturdays from 12-1:30 pm

We also offer monthly Six-Hour Saturday trainings — these all-day events are geared toward those who can only train intermittently due to schedule or location.

Please note: We train in a shared facility that is sometimes rented out by other groups, so always double-check with us to make sure we’ll be here during your trip into town.

When is your next Two-Day Crash Course?

September 9-10, 2023, in San Diego, California.  Sign up now!

Where should I stay when visiting the San Diego Injury Dynamics facility?

There are many hotels nearby the facility; searching for “Hotel Circle, San Diego” will give you even more options.

Where are other Injury Dynamics facilities / instructors located?

Outside of San Diego we have active instructors in:

Kona, HI

Austin, TX

New York, NY

You can find them here.

Am I too—?

—out of shape, old, injured, small, weak, uncoordinated, etc., etc. While you fill in your own excuse for not hitting the mats, don’t forget that whatever your perceived issue is, it will be a reality for you in actual violence… far better to figure out a way around it in the training environment with helpful instructors than for real when your life is on the line.

That said, ongoing training benefits from a baseline level of fitness and an ability to know your own limits on the mats. In order to have longevity in any physical activity, an elevated fitness level increases the probability that you can continue training without injury. If you are not up to working with someone in better shape (with fewer issues than you are currently dealing with), then simply seek out training partners in a similar physical state.

Anyone can do violence, and everyone can train for it. You just have to take that first step onto the mats — we’ll help with the rest.

How safe is training? / Will I get injured?

We endeavor to make training as safe as possible.

Our cooperative action/reaction methodology is specifically designed to maximize effectiveness and skill retention while simultaneously minimizing the chances of training injuries. Both parties are focused on the safety of the reaction partner at all times: the person giving the reactions must take care of themselves (react, move, roll, slap out, etc.), and the person taking their turn must respect and take care of their partner — not use them as a punching bag.

All information is leveled and trained appropriately, meaning no one will subject you to something you can’t safely practice. This allows us to practice causing debilitating injury in a safe and sane environment. Our training is more like a tactical shooting course than a sparring match.

What’s the minimum age for training?

This training is only appropriate for adults, so 18+.
(We will make exceptions for young women and girls on a case-by-case basis, training as young as 16 with parental permission.)

What’s your return policy?

We have a 100% money-back guarantee — if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll give you a full refund.

What do I need to wear for training?

  • Loose-fitting, baggy black jeans (blue jeans are fine for one-day & seminar training)
  • A sturdy belt with a flat buckle
  • A blank, plain white heavy-duty T-shirt that can be grabbed and pulled without tearing, or a color-coded jersey for your group level (supplied to all ongoing members)
  • Bare feet
  • Optional:  socks, mouthguard, groin protection

Read more here:  Action & Silence: How to Dress for Violence

Does Injury Dynamics have belts?

No—we use colored jerseys. This communicates various skill levels in an obvious fashion so everyone can tune the workout accordingly. We encourage all groups to free practice with each other, and our color-coded group system keeps everyone working together effectively and safely.

  • Group One — zero months — blue
  • Group Two — six months — purple
  • Group Three — 1 year — green
  • Group Four — 2 years — maroon
  • Instructor — 3 years — black or red*

*Instructors then earn “Year” designations (e.g., “Third Year Instructor”) for every additional year they spend on the mats working through the 10-year curriculum.

Drop by to meet the instructors and watch training during any of our regularly scheduled classes!  Contact: