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5 reviews for Online Membership

  1. Chris Ingraham

    The best violence training period

  2. paul LIszka

    Excellent Program for life changing instruction!

  3. Claude Bylinski (verified owner)

    Injury Dynamics provides a great system for individuals wanting to turn the tables on anyone foolish enough to threaten them with violence, and without years of training required.

  4. Chris Eck (verified owner)

    There are sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. You want to learn a no-frills, highly focused means of being a sheepdog without the typical martial arts BS, Injury Dynamics is where you need to be. This training provides you not only with critical life skills, but provides a practical approach to situational awareness. (If you find yourself in a situation where you are thinking about self-defense, you’re already late to the party). So, if you wonder or worry how you’d handle violent situations, this is the place to be to learn life skills that’ll make a true difference for you.

  5. Robert Montgomery (verified owner)

    For all of my adult life, including t3 years in the USMC and the 34 years I spent as a CIA operations officer working all over the world, I was in search of the “Holy Grail” of the martial landscape. This is it. Supremely practical. My only regret is that I discovered it late in life. Chris Ranck-Buhr has an uncanny ability to communicate the concepts. A couple of years ago, I gave myself a retirement gift and traveled to San Diego for a week. Chris and Matt were phenomenal instructors and knowing that I had traveled far, gave me some private time on the side. The positive and welcoming attitudes of the other members speaks volumes. With a basic understanding of the concepts, you can study from afar as membership to the website offers hundreds of hours of demonstrations and discussions. Situational awareness takes care of 98% of life’s problems. Chris and Matt will teach you how to deal with the other 2%. If you want your spouse or children to possess a critical life skill, this is it.

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