Injury Dynamics Client Testimonials

What people are saying about training with our team:

“This course helped me to de-emotionalize violence.  Not to question the ‘why’ but to purely assess it and deal with it. The knowledge that I can become the problem is a powerful awareness. I came away with more confidence to be ready and in a position to address any violent situation, as well as a completely new approach towards physical practice and focus. I discovered an interesting connection of focus, presence, and physical training that is nearly meditative.”

“I’ve had many years of martial arts and this course cuts to the chase and makes you lethal in two days.”

“I will no longer consider using ‘self-defense’ in a violent situation. I have gained a confidence and understanding of the use of violence and injury. Even though it’s only been two days, I feel like the skills I’ve learned will be with me for a lifetime.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it is unique from anything I have engaged in before. The instructors are very informative and the presentation was on target.”

“I could write pages about why I think the training is so good; suffice to say, the course content was clearly firmly rooted in reality and field-tested, made accessible to all levels of ability, and drilled in a way that makes it unforgettable.”

“This program was worth every dollar and I will be back for additional classes.  Thanks again to the whole team, who were extremely professional and make a huge effort to be unintimidating, which makes the class that much more effective for beginners.  I am generally a cynical person when it comes to promises for a fee, but your program is 100% legitimate.”

“One more big ‘Thank You’ for the beyond-excellent seminar. It was truly a great experience and I am looking forward to encouraging my friends to attend one. I think it is probably the only ‘self-defense’ training most people will ever need. Fringe benefit: the amazing diversity of interesting, smart, creative people who attended!”

“Really appreciate the professionalism and the candor of the instructors.”

“This course has definitely changed my outlook to a more ‘offensive’ mindset. Excellent instruction, great pace and I have taken away valuable knowledge for the protection of my family, others and self.”

“This system is realistic and applicable. This is exactly what I wanted. I don’t search for violence, but I want to know what I am learning works.”

“I feel empowered and confident.”

“I no longer see myself as a victim. I used to feel violence was something that others did, something that I did not think I was capable of doing myself. After this weekend I gained the confidence knowing if I was in a situation with no other option out, I have the ability to use violence.”

“I no longer fear violence, but will instead employ violence when presented with it.”

“Never occurred to me to be violent. Now I know you have to act immediately and do serious damage. It has basically changed everything about the way I think and this knowledge makes me less afraid.”

“Now I know violence is acceptable and necessary in asocial situations and I will know when that occurs.”

“Some of the best training out there. The instructors provide awesome insight into violence and how to execute it for maximum effectiveness. The training is hands down something every single person should and can do, regardless of age, gender, or background. Violence isn’t picky—but picking the right education on how to handle violence should be.”

“Dangerous in a Day was such a blast. The guys could not have been nicer or more patient, and I learned an incredible amount. It’s a game changer for confidence. Every woman should take this class!”

“Great instructors who taught me so much. Changed how I taught police officers when dealing with deadly force encounters if a firearm could not be accessed.”

“Thank you and your staff for the informative and well-presented training experience. As one who has been shot twice and stabbed or slashed three times I can attest to the relevance of the material you are putting out. I would not hesitate to recommend your training to anyone no matter the training they have or think they have.”

“I wanted to say thank you for what was a truly inspiring, thought-provoking and possibly life-saving weekend. I have been thinking about the course, and it has struck me that what you have ultimately given me is a real insight into a very different, abnormal, asocial world, in which our conditioned social or antisocial responses not only do not help, but may even hinder us.”

“I have learned I am the attacker.  The course has allowed me to put into perspective what violence is and to understand that I don’t have to be afraid.  I am the attacker.”

“Fantastic training given by professionals with integrity.”

“I want to thank Chris, Matt, Taylor, and Ron for a great weekend of training! These guys are very professional, patient and have a passion to help others. It has changed the way I view the world. Do yourself a huge favor, take some training courses from these guys!”

“This training has changed my life. I am more confident than ever in being in control of my safety.”

“Injury Dynamics is a credible, efficient, and focused methodology which empowers the participant with both the understanding of how the human machine breaks and the most direct way of causing or preventing injury should the need arise. These multi-decade experienced professionals start by clearly educating you on why, when, and when not to use the tool of violence and then help you hone your weapon system. Whatever your experience level, you’ll be more confident and capable for having participated in ID training and they’re more than willing to assist you in progressing as far as you’d like.”

“I’ve had the privilege to train with Chris, Matt, Joe and many of the other instructors on many occasions, In fact I’ve travelled from Australia at least 6 times to do just that. These guys are the ‘real deal’, consummate professionals in all ways. I could not recommend this facility highly enough.”

“I was fortunate enough to learn from and train with Chris, Matt, Bruce, and Michael. Their commitment to their students and trainees is unparalleled—they made sure I understood not just how my body and the body of a potential perpetrator works, but also the psychology behind it all. Their training induces confidence that I can protect myself if need be, and recognize situations to avoid. I believe more women should participate in this sort of training because it is the best place to learn essential life-saving skills.”

“Trained with these guys a couple of times… brings much info-clarity from the confusing noise out there. The education, understanding and resource knowledge these guys have is nothing short of ‘revolutionary’. You will become much more aware, and simply being aware will keep you safer. Practice on the mats will make you effective… keep learning and you will be come equally efficient. Open your mind, be humble and watch as you see what a real difference this makes. Stay safe!”

“I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this instruction and let me tell you it will build you into a more complete person, I am active duty military and like to keep up on my skill set. Every instructor here will make it their duty to make sure you are comfortable in the instruction and in the accurate application of skills. I cannot more highly recommend anything for better practice.”

“I was immensely fortunate to train with these dudes. Beyond the knowledge and training I received, the Instructors were both professional and personable.

“Professional. They were professional in every way, teaching violence and injury in such a mode that not only grasped the physical, but engaged the abstract. My class went there with the instructors; we bought wholesale into the teaching concepts—and those concepts work like a ball-peen hammer. Their no-nonsense approach was hands on the moment the class began—’My resume goes in the shredder when I start this class, I’m only here to ensure you get this by the end of the weekend.’ Impressive, world-class instruction without frills and hype. ‘Every strike on the mat should be precise and dangerous.’

“Personable. The instructors treated everyone with respect and fostered a sense of community. We were being introduced into the family, and learning to be dangerous at the same time. Each of the instructors were present and helping the students at every turn. Among the grit and grind, we gladly lent them our trust and they instilled in their students a belief and confidence to take these skills and be effective.

“Great stuff! I’ve never taken a fighting class anything close to this. But I’m glad I took the new person training. I’ll be back!”

“It really was an honor to have a chance to train with you. You guys are so humble and straightforward about your craft, yet I hope you often remember just how incredible a skillset you own.

“I feel like I’ve found what I’ve been searching years for—the absolute best system for dealing with a serious threat. Beyond that, I really do think you might have built the best system I’ve ever seen for doing anything.

“It’s so incredibly effective, and simple. You’ve broken it down to the absolute core principles—cause injury—and built the absolute straightest path to doing it. All my work is building systems, and your system is really incredible to me.

“On top of that, I was blown away by the system you’ve built to teach it.

“You’ve clearly spent many years developing your approach, and it shows. What you do in that room in just two days is remarkable, and I see it comes down to your approach to continuous improvement.”

“I feel so lucky to have trained with these guys. I’m a 42 year old guy and I’ve never been in a physical altercation. I had a realization that I know nothing about violence so I attended the training and cannot state emphatically enough how correct that choice was.

“My goals going into the class were to gain confidence and acquire a toolkit should I encounter violence in the world. On both of these goals the class was an unmitigated success for me.

“Chris, Matt, Ron & Taylor are excellent instructors. I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be. The first day felt awkward, learning new ideas and physical movements, but I just did as was I was instructed. By the end of the day I was feeling more confident and while I wasn’t totally comfortable, I felt really good about my progress.

“By end of the second day, I had a very high degree of confidence and felt great about the entire experience. My wife and I happened to go to NYC the day after training and while I wasn’t timid prior to training, all I saw were targets during our trip. It was awesome.

“I particularly loved the objective nature of the education. It’s all physics and as an engineer this really resonated with me.

“I wholeheartedly recommend this training for everyone—women, men, sons, daughters. The instructors know their subject matter and really do a great job making you feel comfortable while gaining competence in uncomfortable situations.”

“I have been trained by Chris, Matt, Sachin, Ron, Michael, Bruce, Derrick, Manny, and Dutch. I have personally trained with Matt, Sachin, Ron, Michael, Bruce, and Dutch. They have put a lot of hours into me over the years. My entire family and over 200 people I know closely have also been trained.

“The training is straight to the point. No BS. It’s injury based on science not theory… lining up the physics and physiology with intent so that the anatomy of what you are doing violence to breaks (is injured to the point of needing immediate medical attention).

“Only a small handful of our group has had to use the training… all positive outcomes. The instructors have made us into ‘booby traps’. We just look like regular people. The skills are there. We are all capable. From the newest among our group to the most experienced, we not only know what to do and how to do violence but we have the intent to get the violence done and not have it done to us if faced with a situation where violence is the only answer. From situational awareness to violence of action, when necessary they have trained us to never be victims.

“The youngest that was trained here was a 12 year old girl. Last week her school was put on lock-down due to someone with a gun seen outside… though following the instructions of her teachers she was unafraid and thinking about what she was trained to do. Another woman that trains with us is 50, 180lbs, 5’4” and just put down a man that is 5’11” 230lbs and is a trained MMA cage fighter that had just beaten the hell out of her daughter and started after her.

“We have been training here in NC one day a week for the last several years and will be going to two nights per week and one weekend per month in 2018. A thank you to the instructors seems hardly enough for a lifelong skill set. The instructors are the best! The training is the best! In my opinion every woman age 16 should be required to have the training and every male should be required to as well once they turn 18. It’s a must in my opinion! The training is one life skill that actually really matters in the moment you are facing real life or death violence!”

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