“This system is realistic and applicable. This is exactly what I wanted. I don’t search for violence, but I want to know what I am learning works.”

“I feel empowered and confident.”

“I no longer see myself as a victim. I used to feel violence was something that others did, something that I did not think I was capable of doing myself. After this weekend I gained the confidence knowing if I was in a situation with no other option out, I have the ability to use violence.”

“I no longer fear violence, but will instead employ violence when presented with it.”

“Never occurred to me to be violent. Now I know you have to act immediately and do serious damage. It has basically changed everything about the way I think and this knowledge makes me less afraid.”

“Now I know violence is acceptable and necessary in asocial situations and I will know when that occurs.”

“Some of the best training out there. The instructors provide awesome insight into violence and how to execute it for maximum effectiveness. The training is hands down something every single person should and can do, regardless of age, gender, or background. Violence isn’t picky—but picking the right education on how to handle violence should be.”

“Dangerous in a Day was such a blast. The guys could not have been nicer or more patient, and I learned an incredible amount. It’s a game changer for confidence. Every woman should take this class!”

“Great Instructors who taught me so much. Changed how I taught police officers when dealing with deadly force encounters if a firearm could not be accessed.”

Ongoing Training Membership

$120 per month

Six-Hour Saturday Event


Drop by to meet the instructors and watch training during any of our regularly scheduled classes!  Contact: admin@injurydynamics.com