Our Instructors

Since 1990, we have trained a total of 55 Instructors (through our three-year ongoing training program) and nine Masters (a 10-year ongoing training program), many of whom have continued to contribute scholarship and mentorship to the program. This collaborative effort keeps the information hard, sharp, easy-to-learn and effective.

The program in San Diego is led by 14 local Instructors — including six Masters — with a total of more than 150 years of combined experience teaching military, law enforcement, and people just like you how to use violence as a survival tool. In addition, they’re also professionals in related fields: medical doctors, engineers, lawyers and military veterans. We have taught courses in New York, London, Paris, and Sydney.

For all that, we are committed to serving the needs of our clients — through ongoing training, weekend seminars, and online resources — in a uniquely positive, ego-free environment.

We’re here for you.