Our Monthly One-Day Course: Dangerous in a Day New Dates: 18 Sep, 16 Oct, 13 Nov, 11 Dec

Welcome to Injury Dynamics

World-Class Hand-to-Hand Combat Training Since 1990

How the human machine breaks • how to do that work with your bare hands • how to take advantage of the results

How The Human Machine Breaks – How To Do That Work With Your Bare Hands – How To Take Advantage Of The Results


This isn’t self-defense or fighting —it’s how to hurt people so they can’t continue. The hard reality of violence is that nothing changes until you cause serious injury.

We train to take things from the man —blinding him, crushing his airway, folding a knee in the entirely wrong direction.

People just like you have successfully used their experience from this course to take control of violent situations —and walked away as the winner.

Our ongoing training program includes striking, joint breaking, and throwing; with and against knives, batons, and firearms, as well as grabs, holds, chokes & multi-man work.

With our proven 10-year curriculum, we can show you something new at every class for a decade, with no repetition.

Striking – Joint Breaking – Throwing – Knife – Baton – Firearms


Injury Dynamics primarily offers hand-to-hand combat instructional services. We offer ongoing, instructor and Master Instructor tract classes; a six hour Dangerous in a Day crash course; an all-topic inclusive 2-Day Crash Course; On-Line Memberships, Private personalized sessions; and customized courses for large or small groups of civilian, military and law enforcement clients. Drawing from a 10-year curriculum gives the Injury Dynamics instructor group a breadth and depth of material unparalleled in the world.
Injury Dynamics will sell training services in various formats depending on client need.

Training Services

  • Ongoing, instructor and Master Instructor tract classes
  • Dangerous in a Day
  • 2-Day Crash Course
  • Online Memberships
  • Private training
  • Customized courses for large or small groups of civilian, military and law enforcement clients
  • Use of Force Lectures

San Diego Schedule

Our San Diego location offers training multiples times weekly, year around. We also schedule off-site trainings world-wide as needed.

San Diego Martial Arts & Community Center
980 Buenos Ave #1C
San Diego, CA 92110

  • Monday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Saturday 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Drop by to meet the instructors and watch training during any of our regularly scheduled classes!

Injury Dynamics - Instructors

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